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The Deck of Dark Dreams is a limited edition CNFT-project in both digital and physical form, living on the Cardano blockchain.

Where dark dreams meet reality, this collectible art project is an ever-evolving work in progress, with a tight-knit community that will be able to participate in creating ideas, characters, and the continuation of the universe.
Set in a dystopian and chaotic universe exploring the darkest depths of the human condition, the main theme focuses on human shapes and figures in different environments, each image depicting a named character with a unique story. Everything is confined within a set universe, where each character represents a part of the human psyche and experience.

The artworks play with fear and humor, in the recurring theme of strings/tendrils and often juxtapose the names of the characters with their environment or appearance. The tendrils are a repeating element that can be found in most pieces where dreams appear.

They are catalysts, created by the Dreamshapers and Nightmares who set everything in motion. The tendrils are what shape the dream or emotions, they are the unwanted entities rooted deep within the human mind and thus represent the very thing we must fight to grow and become fuller versions of ourselves. The images themselves are created using a combination of 3D artwork, post-processing, and manual digital painting, giving the pieces an organic feel. A large amount of time and effort is put into each piece, combined with over 20 years of experience in digital image creation, animation, and audio design.

Deck of Dark Dreams is a work in progress and will be brought to fruition in close collaboration with a tight-knit community that’ll be able to participate in the evolution of the ideas, characters, and continuation of the universe.
Who's the team?
Deck of Dark Dreams is created by Tendrophobia, a digital artist/creator who's been over 20 years in the business creating digital images, animations, motion graphics and sound-design (but just recently entered the web3-scene). If you want to get to know me better, feel free to hit me up on Discord or Twitter.
How do I become a collector?
For minting, you'll need access to the Discord-server. You'll also need a ADA in a Nami/Daedalus/Yoroi wallet (not an exchange-wallet!). Only one piece per chapter for each wallet. You will get a random artwork of variable rarity.

Pieces are also available on the Secondary Market:

JPG Store:
How is the rarity distributed?
Sleeper (Common): 4 artworks in 15 editions, Lucid (Uncommon): 3 artworks of 10 editions, Dreamshaper (Rare): 2 artworks of 4 editions, Nightmare (Epic): 1 artwork of two editions. Later chapters might include Legendary pieces of only 1 edition.
When is launch?
Season 01, Chapter 01 was dropped May 30th 2022. Follow the Twitter-account to stay updated.

Season 01, Chapter 02 drops 29th September 2022.
What about royalites?
Chapter 01 and 02 has a 5% royalty attached to it. Royalties from secondary sales will be funnelled back to the continued development to the projects and creating rewards for holders, and a portion of earnings from each season will go to a selected local charity focused on suicide prevention and mental health.
How do I get access to Discord?
Discord invites are limited and primarily reserved for holders, as I want to ensure a slow and steady growth of the community. This project is not about fast growth but about building a stable and tight-knit community, member by member. I'm here for the long haul. This is why we're limiting the invites. Holders will be able to verify their wallet in the Discord Server:
What do I get as a holder?
First, you become a collector of digital artworks in very limited editions. But that's not all: you also get access to the Collectors-channel on Discord — a place where only holders have access and can discuss the development of the project. Holders will also be rewarded through giveaways, airdrops and whitelist spots for other projects, auctions as well as sneak peaks and early access to other goodies.

A new Darkpaper outlining the rewards you get as a holder will soon appear.
How will the project develop?
The roadmap outlines 5 chapters in Season 01. What happens next is not set in stone, and is something I'm hoping the community will chime in on. Maybe a MTG-style card-game based on the characters? A tarot-inspired way of telling the true meaning of your dreams? The possibilities are many, but the plan is that each collector will be able to get a full printed deck of 52 unique cards if all chapters in Season 01 are sold out. This physical deck will not be available anywhere else.
Remember to always check the PolicyID before buying a Deck of Dark Dreams-NFT. This will confirm that you're purchasing an item from the actual collection.

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