Dark Dreams

Deck of Dark Dreams is a limited edition community-driven NFT-universe in both digital and physical form, living on the Cardano blockchain.

Below are the 10 artworks introduced to Chapter 01. Firsthand owners will be eligible for a printed poster and a unique numbered physical card of the artwork and given access to the Discord-community enabling you to participate in the development of the project.
Concept & future

First hand buyers are eligible for a printed 50x50cm poster, a unique printed and numbered card, access to private Discord channel and taking part in the development of the project. If all seasons sell out, all collectors will also get access to full deck (52 unique cards) at the end, not available anywhere else.

This project is a personal project meant as an exploration as developing as an artist and building a community. Also, royalties from secondary sales will be funnelled back to the continued development to the projects, and a portion of earnings from each season will go to a selected local charity.

There is currently one whole season with five chapters planned, spanning from Q2 2022 until Q4 2023. Plans for a second season will be revealed at a later stage. For more information about the future plans, click the roadmap-button below.

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